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Michael Duncan D.C.

Dr. Michael A. Duncan grew up in Ontario, OR, and relocated back to the area a few years ago to be closer to family. In November 2011, Dr. Duncan opened his current practice in Fruitland, ID to help serve the chiropractic needs of the local community.  

Through 22 years of experience in private clinical practice and almost 29 years of being a chiropractic patient, he knows the positive impact and benefits that Structural Chiropractic can have on a person's life.

His goal is to correct the underlying cause of your health concerns, by correcting and stabilizing your spine and nervous system restoring as much normal function in the quickest amount of time possible.

In practice, Dr. Duncan utilizes the Gonstead System, to achieve his objective and is one of only a handful of chiropractors in the entire State of Idaho to specialize in this technique.

This method of analysis and spinal correction started to be developed by Dr. Clarence Gonstead soon after he began practice in 1923.  Dr. Gonstead continued to master his skills and his practice continued to flourish, resulting in a number of chiropractors seeking him out to learn what he was doing.  As a result, The Gonstead System was born and has been taught for over 70 years and has often been referred to as the "gold standard" in chiropractic care.

As a freshman at Chiropractic College, Dr. Duncan was introduced to The Gonstead System and was instantly intrigued by its precise analysis and specialized application.  Being analytical by nature, this just made sense to Dr. Duncan and he was further drawn to the technique because of its scientific approach to each patient's problem in a unique and individualized way.  This means that everyone's care is as specific to them and their problem as possible.  As a student, Dr. Duncan was privileged to have his primary Gonstead technique instruction from Dr. Darald Bolin (Gonstead Fellow).  Dr. Bolin's instruction, experience, and ability to inspire students to learn and excel in the Gonstead System was invaluable.  Dr. Duncan's interest in the technique only grew from there and during his 2nd year of school, he became the President of the school's Gonstead Club.  A position that he held for the next 2 1/2 years.  During that time, he facilitated weekly workshops and tutoring sessions for students to attend on-campus and also organized 3 off-campus seminars with practicing Gonstead field doctors providing the instruction. The Gonstead Doctors, who held either Diplomate or Fellow status, were willing to share their knowledge and expertise with chiropractic students, who were more than eager to learn.

Dr. Duncan continued to further his knowledge and application of The Gonstead System during his last 2 years of school by working as an Intern and Chiropractic Assistant in the office of Dr. Annette Stevko (Gonstead Diplomate 34 years).

Dr. Duncan lives in Fruitland with his beautiful wife Shelley, their children and their pets.  They love watching movies and college football, enjoy cooking & grilling, spending time outdoors and swimming with their kids during the summer.  He also enjoys educating the public about Structural Chiropractic and its inherent role in normal health and function.


Office Manager

Shelley Duncan

Shelley is our Office Manager and is the cheerful smile that you will see at the front desk when you come in. She has worked with her husband for the past 9 years. Shelley wears a number of hats in the office and loves working in the office meeting new people and helping them as they begin their care in our office.

Shelley also grew up in Ontario, and she and Dr. Duncan have known each other since the 1st grade. She loves being a wife and mother, and loves spending time with her family, listening to music & watching movies, and spending time with their two dogs.

Shelley looks forward to helping you and is happy to solve any scheduling needs or billing questions that you may have.


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