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Welcome to Precision Chiropractic in Fruitland, ID. At Precision Chiropractic, we do our best to provide a great office experience while providing the best results in the shortest time possible. Being born and raised in the local area, it has always been “home”. After living and practicing a number of years in Boise, I decided to return to the western end of the Treasure Valley in 2010, and become your Fruitland Chiropractor. Precision Chiropractic has been pleased to bring Gonstead chiropractic to serve the needs of the residents of SW Idaho and Eastern Oregon.

Precision Chiropractic

Our office is only one of a few clinics in the Pacific Northwest that exclusively practices the Gonstead System of Chiropractic. Like most things in life, structure determines function and there is a range between Normal and Abnormal. When the limits of that range have been exceeded, problems will begin to occur. Your spine, nervous system, and health are no different. The Gonstead System addresses the underlying structure and the subsequent insult and dysfunction to the nervous system in a very methodical and precise way.

Misaligned spinal bones, known as Vertebral Subluxations, are what we focus on in our clinic. When these misalignments occur, it can result in a wide variety of Secondary Conditions (see below), usually referred to as “symptoms”. By taking a structural approach to analysis and correction of the spine, we are not simply patching the problem, but providing a comprehensive solution to the underlying cause of your problems. This results in a care that is tailored to the individual needs of the patient and that we are not just randomly twisting and manipulating your neck and back on one side and then the other, or from top to bottom.

While other chiropractors using various other methods can and do help people, we feel that the analysis and protocols unique to the Gonstead System allow for more reliable and repeatable outcomes in the shortest amount of time possible.

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Common Myths & Misconceptions

A couple of common myths and misconceptions seem to come up from time to time in our office and we’ll address them here.

The first myth is that one can “adjust themselves” by “cracking” or “popping” their own joints. While you can make some noise, just because you heard or felt a crack or pop does not mean that an adjustment took place. In fact, the reality is that it likely did not and that you could have even potentially made a problem worse, or at the very least, had no effect on the true problem area. Most anyone can twist or jerk on the body and make a popping noise, but very few people are trained or qualified to make a specific chiropractic adjustment. Adjusting the spine and extremities is truly an art that is based on skill. This takes many years of study, training, and practice to become proficient.

The second misconception is that x-rays aren’t useful or necessary for the Chiropractor. While it is true that many chiropractors do not take x-rays, or find them clinically useful beyond the purpose of medical diagnosis (identifying fractures, dislocations, infection, or tumors), that is not the case for the Gonstead practitioner. Not only are we dealing with structural integrity and alignment of the spinal bones, but we are also concerned about normal or abnormal curves in the spine, as well as the condition of the intervertebral discs, joints, and supporting structures such as the pelvis & lower extremities, shoulder girdle and ribs. The spinal column is the foundation for your whole body and the nervous is housed and protected within that foundation. We take x-rays to see what we could not possibly see otherwise. To see is to know. To no see is to guess, and we will not guess with your health. You deserve better than that!

Secondary Conditions

Many common conditions tend to cause a lot of unnecessary pain and suffering in our community. While these conditions may be “common”, they are far from “normal”. Most folks refer to these as “symptoms”, but we call them what they are Secondary Conditions. As mentioned before, Secondary Conditions are caused by the abnormal structure and function, not the cause of it. Some of the most common Secondary Conditions that we often see in our office are Neck & Back Pain, Pinched Nerves, Migraines & Tension Headaches, Bulged & Herniated Discs, Sciatica, Pain, Numbness or Tingling in the Extremities, Degenerative Spinal Arthritis (Disc Degeneration & Bone Spurs), TMJ Syndrome and more.

What Next?

Maybe you have a recent injury or chronic problems that just won’t heal, and you have been told: “live with it”? Or maybe you just have questions about whether Precision Chiropractic and the Gonstead System are right for you? Your first step is to contact us at (208) 452-6453 and schedule your new patient appointment for today to find out!

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