Chiropractic Testimonials

"I was having difficulty swallowing. I could only eat soup & couldn't take my vitamins. My sister suggested Dr. Mike. I agreed, but I was extremely skeptical. After a couple of months of Dr. Mike's adjustments, the problem vanished & I have been able to resume a normal diet. I have continued to see Dr. Mike because I feel that by promoting the alignment of my body, my overall health benefits. Indeed, if I miss a session, my body knows."

- Debbie D.

"I like Dr. Mike's philosophy - he is not trying to solve all my health issues through chiropractic care; he simply focuses on aligning my spine; any benefits to my health issues are a bonus! By having weekly care, I have noticed an increase in my range of motion, a drastic reduction in frequency and severity of the tension headaches that used to be a daily occurrence, and an overall reduction in the aches and pains I always associated with misalignments. Overall, I have definitely benefitted from my association with Dr. Mike and freely recommend him to anyone in need of chiropractic care--which is basically everyone!"

- Heidi W.

"Thanks for all you have done for Sean and Walker. They have both benefitted tremendously from your professional care and personal manner. I am going to compose a letter to Walker's cross country coach, Dave Mills, to express to him what tremendous benefit I believe your care provided Walker both during the course of lacrosse season and hopefully beyond. I only wish that we would have discovered you years ago, it may have made a tremendous difference in Walker's 'competitive running' ability. Sean realized tremendous physical benefit from his experience with you in a short time. Again, I will we would have crossed paths with you many years ago."

- Kris G.

"I am very active in sports, including tennis, golf, and bowling.  Before I went to see Dr. Mike Duncan, my lower back would hurt and remove the fun from these sports. I participated anyway and then tried to recover enough to play the next time.  A large portion of the help with Dr. Duncan comes from his encouragement and open communication. I am also resting better at night due to no pain. A very important part of any program is keeping the person informed as to the progress during the entire program. This has been very useful from the beginning of my program. Dr. Duncan doesn't talk down to me - he is very understandable. I will recommend Dr. Duncan to any of my family and friends. He is not only my chiropractor but has become my friend."

- Jim N.

"Dr. Mike Duncan is an amazing chiropractor who offers great service at reasonable and affordable fees. I suffered from low back issues that threatened my livelihood. I work a construction job and am in and out of my truck, attics, and crawlspaces on a daily basis or bent over repairing equipment. Since I started seeing Dr. Duncan my back pain has been reduced and made it possible for me to continue my work without extreme pain. Dr. Duncan amazes me every time I visit for an adjustment, he can find the irritating spots in my spine before I even say a word. Dr. Duncan is careful and gentle and adjusts and aligns my spine and relieves the pain and pressure in my back. The treatment Dr. Duncan provides is a lifesaver in more ways than one for me. I recommend Precision Chiropractic to anyone I run into that is having back problems. You won't find a better chiropractor anywhere!"

- John B.

"I have nothing but good things to say about Precision Chiropractic. Dr. Duncan helps me with my lower back problem and I feel like it never hurt it in the first place. He is extremely helpful and explains everything in detail to make it easy to understand. I highly recommend anyone looking for a chiropractor to stop by and see Dr. Duncan and his friendly wife that makes you feel welcomed. Thank you, Dr. Duncan!"

- Jovani S.

"My family and I have been with Dr. Michael Duncan from the very beginning. He is very professional and has the best interests in his patients and is always trying to help improve healthy living. I highly recommend his office for chiropractic care for others."

- Jennifer N.

"I felt better after the first time of being adjusted! I highly recommend Dr. Mike!"

- Carly T.

"My experience with Dr. Mike has been great! I had lower back pain that was limiting my ability to stand up straight and move around as I should. He was able to pinpoint my problem areas, correct them and I'm good as new!"

- Travis B.


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